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Staying Mum

We are pleased to share with you two key outcomes from the Staying Mum project. 

The Staying Mum Literature Review and Peer Research Report highlight the experience and impact of child removal for mothers facing domestic and sexual violence and abuse. They make practical recommendations that stretch across the family courts, lawyers, and child protection officials (e.g. social services, Cafcass) to improve responses and outcomes for mothers and their children at risk of removal.

AVA is incredibly grateful to the seven experts by experience, peer researchers on the project, who conducted the research for the final research report and expertly informed all parts of the project, and to the inspiring women who shared their stories with us.

Alongside these outputs, AVA also coordinated a community of practice group for professionals working with women experiencing domestic abuse and child removal, facilitating the sharing of good practice, and relationship building across professions and informing Staying Mum project outputs.

AVA will be launching an online training for professionals on domestic abuse and child removal in April 2022, with a domestic abuse and child removal survivors’ guide to follow in autumn 2022.

The Staying Mum project builds on AVA’s previous work on the National Commission on Domestic and Sexual Violence and Multiple Disadvantage, which identified need for work in this area: women’s role as mothers featured strongly in their ability to access help and support.

We are grateful to the John Ellerman Foundation for funding this important project.

Staying Mum: Findings from peer research with mothers surviving domestic abuse & child removal

This peer research report helps to understand and improve responses to women who have faced domestic and sexual violence and abuse and child removal. Research was conducted by AVA peer researchers with lived experience of domestic abuse and child removal, and amplifies the voices of women who have experienced the removal of a child or children in the context of domestic abuse.


Staying Mum: Literature Review

This evidence review is a valuable resource for professionals who work with women affected by abuse and who are at risk of child removal/who have had children removed. This review explores the available evidence on experience of and impact of child removal on mothers, and identifies promising practice across the UK.

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