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Ruth Atkinson, Project Manager

Ruth joined AVA in March 2018. Prior to this, Ruth was a researcher at the International Center: Researching Child Sexual Exploitation, Violence and Trafficking, where she specialised in peer-on-peer abuse and Contextual Safeguarding. She is committed to challenging gender inequalities taking an intersectional approach, and has led a project on developing women’s equal health policy. She holds an MA in Human Rights.

Karen Lingwood, Training Manager

Karen joined AVA in November 2017 after many years in the public sector. During this time she gained extensive experience supporting survivors of domestic abuse before moving into a strategic role. Karen is a qualified trainer with experience writing and delivering domestic abuse training programmes. She has worked closely with statutory and voluntary partners on the prevention strategy for many years with a particular focus on survivors, children and families.

Ellie Cox, Training, Administration & Marketing Officer

Ellie joined AVA in November 2018 after interning in various women's and education charities. For the last two years she was managing a charity shop in North London, transforming it into one of Time Out's 10 best charity shops in London through developing its marketing, social media and events. She holds a Masters in English Literature with specialisms in Feminist Theory and Children's Literature.

Jasmine Nehme, Communications & Administrative Officer

Jasmine joined AVA in October 2018. She holds a BA in Film Studies, and an MA in Media & The Middle East. Her specialism is the ethical representation of marginalised people with a focus on intersectional feminism.