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Safe and Equal

AVA is excited to launch our new publication – ‘Safe and Equal’ – a guide on young people meaningful participation for the violence against women and girls sector.

This week we are attending the ‘Children as Actors in Transforming Society’ conference in Switzerland where the theme is  ‘Safe Together – working to end violence against children’. We will be running workshops on healthy relationships and how young people can get their voices and expertise heard. This is an ideal opportunity to launch our new guide as the conference itself is an excellent example of meaningful participation as young people are directly involved in the design and facilitation of the conference.

“In many ways, CATS …is an embodiment of what child participation can be. Meeting children who live it day in, day out, was a unique experience of the transformation that happens through attending CATS. It’s not just a meeting, it’s an example of both the principles of child participation and a lived understanding of how all your senses can be influenced by it.”

Judith Diers, UNICEF Chief of Adolescents

We will be tweeting from the conference so keep an eye on our twitter feed for updates and look out for #CATSForum.
If you like to order a copy of the toolkit please fill the form in here, and Downloadable version will be available soon.
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