Sadly, AVA is in the process of closing down.

Dear Sisters, Friends, Partners, Supporters,

RE: Closure of AVA - Against Violence and Abuse, Registered Charity: 113471

We are writing to let you know that sadly, the Board of Trustees of AVA (Against Violence and Abuse, Registered Charity: 1134713), has unavoidably resolved to place the organisation into liquidation. This means that following advice AVA is technically insolvent. We know that this may come as a shock to some and may be unsettling.

The decision to close has been a difficult one, and comes following a period of operational and financial difficulty which the charity has tried to work through. Trustees have taken specialist insolvency advice in reaching the decision and are currently (and urgently) working with the nominated liquidator to devise an orderly wind-down of AVA’s operations.

This means that AVA’s operations will close with immediate effect. We are working with the nominated liquidator to arrange for a formal meeting of members and creditors to be held within the coming weeks where the organisation’s entry into liquidation will be confirmed.

We will be in touch imminently to discuss how this development affects you.

As AVA closes, we look back and reflect on our mission and the women the organisation was set up to support, directly and indirectly. Today, we look around and see a strong, passionate women’s sector, voicing the needs of those they support, and recognised for their expertise. We are sorry AVA cannot continue to be a part of this journey but expect many of the staff and the Trustees will continue to show their dedication to the sector in a variety of ways. We recognise many challenges still remain, not least financial.

We would like to thank our staff, partners, experts by experience and funders for their support over the years. As we close, we seek to do so as gently as possible and minimise any adverse impact on everyone involved.

The Board of Trustees - AVA

If you need to contact us, please email Shilla Patel: shilla.patel@avaproject.org.uk