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Good Practice Briefing of AVA’s “Race, Trauma and VAWG” Webinar

This good practice briefing is part of the Ascent Project, a partnership project within the London Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) Consortium. 

This briefing highlights the necessity of trauma-informed approaches to supporting Black and minoristised women and girl survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. The recommendations in this brief come from the webinar, Race, Trauma, and VAWG, that AVA held on the 8th December 2020. This briefing builds on the insights, key themes and recommendations discussed during this webinar by the expert speakers and provides a resource to services wanting to improve their support of Black and minoritised survivors. 

It is important to note that, as a mainstream VAWG organisation, we do not claim to inaugurate good practice, but instead refer to the practices and information from specialist BME organisations, like those represented by the speakers at this webinar. We do so while committing ourselves to upholding their important recommendations and making ourselves accountable to doing so. 

We thank the tireless work of Black and minoritised women in the VAWG sector who continually push for better support for Black and minoritised women and girls experiencing domestic and sexual abuse. At AVA, we pledge to work harder to centre anti-racism in our work to end gender-based violence – we can and must do more to  support both BME organisations and survivors. The webinar, and this following brief, are crucial steps in our journey at AVA in committing to this work. 


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