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Launch of Our Resource Hub For Frontline Staff

Here at AVA we are so grateful for the incredible work frontline staff have been doing over the last few months. Your resilience, adaptability and strength has been inspiring to watch – we want to take this opportunity to say thank you. 

To support you in continuing this work, we have created a resource hub aimed at supporting you to support survivors during Covid-19, and to manage your own wellbeing at the same time. This hub is a one stop shop for Covid-19 related resources around domestic abuse, multiple disadvantage, trauma and self-care. We’ve compiled guidance, toolkits, articles and resources with the hopes that this hub will support you in your work with survivors, and to manage your own wellbeing. 

Looking after yourself as someone working in the sector is more important than ever. Part of the hub is a page for you and your colleagues to share their top tips around self-care, managing secondary trauma and stress when working in high stress environments. If you want to share your advice, please submit a post on twitter via the hashtag #AVAresourcehub or on the page directly.  

We are also creating  a podcast to accompany the hub. If you’d be open to sharing your experience of working during Covid-19 and managing your own wellbeing in the process for a short 15-20 minute podcast, or would like to know more, please get in touch with our Policy Officer Cordy at cordelia.ruck@avaproject.org.uk.   

We hope you find this hub a useful and exciting new resource. If you are looking for further training around any of the topics mentioned in the hub, check out our training webpage for upcoming training and webinars. 

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