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Wanted: Peer researchers for a new project on women’s multiple disadvantage

AVA and Agenda are recruiting up to 15 women (aged 18 and above) to be volunteer peer researchers on a ground breaking national project aimed at improving services for women affected by abuse and multiple disadvantage.

Being a peer researcher will involve talking and listening to women about their experiences of domestic and sexual violence, substance use and mental ill health. The researchers will work with AVA to co-produce a report highlighting women’s experiences and voicing their recommendations for change. The report will influence a new national Commission being set up to take evidence and make recommendations for improved policy and practice.  By being a peer researcher you can ensure that women’s voices are at the heart of recommendations for making change on a national level.

Is this project for me or the women I work with?

We do not expect researchers to have done anything like this before. We are looking for women with experience who understand the lives and experiences of women they are researching and feel able to share their own stories.

Who should apply?

We are looking for women who:

  • Have experience of domestic and/or sexual violence
  • Have experienced either mental ill health and/or have used substances in a way that has impacted on their well-being – substances may include alcohol, illegal drugs, or prescribed and over-the counter medication.

Peer researchers will receive full training and support to undertake research from AVA and our partner organisation Revolving Doors  who are specialists in Peer research.  We know this may be new to people and want to help develop and support people in undertaking the research.

A personal specification and full details of the role including time commitment and expenses are available here.The deadline for applications is Friday August 18th 2017 at 5pm.  If you have any questions please feel free to email or call Lucy Allwright on lucy.allwright@avaproject.org.uk / 020 3752 5535. We are happy to call you back!