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Collaboration with the now-u app

What is now-u?

Created by a team who were furloughed and determined to use their time and skills to inspire activism, now-u is a new app which aims to drive positive change through monthly campaigns. Like all of us, the now-u team are concerned about the prevalence of domestic abuse, the rise in cases associated with the coronavirus lockdown, as well as the  enduring consequences as the world opens up again. 

Click here to access the prevention of domestic abuse in the UK which AVA have collaborated on.

The central aim of the app is to bring together disjointed support efforts into well-researched and coordinated campaigns, so that the accumulation of small actions by individuals can drive real change. now-u partner with charities, like AVA, to show you simple, effective and impactful actions that you can take to contribute to the causes that you care about, and support the great work being done by charities.

We all want to feel like we’re making a difference, but sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start: now-u aims to inform, involve and inspire you to start making a difference, however you can. At AVA, we have supported now-u in their new campaign around domestic violence, providing materials and opportunities to support survivors that we believe are the most educational and effective to creating real change. 

Click here to access the now-u website.

How does the app work?

now-u strongly believes that our goal cannot be to go back to ‘normal’. In this increasingly digital world, activism and gathering knowledge around issues you care about has become more accessible. However, it can be difficult to wade through all of the information and reach the most useful and effective actions – the now-u app does this for you. now-u users are given an opportunity  to learn more about important issues and to participate in weekly personal actions, in addition to setting related challenges for influencers, companies and governments.  

Each month, users of the app can select the monthly campaign that they want to join from a choice of three incredibly important  causes. The key areas of focus of these campaigns will be:

1. Human rights and welfare e.g. health, safety, equality, education

2. The world around us e.g. protecting our environment, animal welfare

3. The future of humans and our planet e.g. sustainability, pandemic prevention

Forms of action used in campaigns may include: signing petitions and open letters, pledging behavioural changes and making small donations of time or money to a cause.

By combining the small actions of each of us, the now-u community can play a huge part in driving positive change. We cannot waste this opportunity. Let’s come together, not just in the fight against coronavirus, but in the fight for the future of our planet and all its inhabitants.

Where to download the app and contact the now-u team

now-u is available on iphones and android phones:

Apple store

Google play

To propose a partnership or get in touch with any issues send the now-u team an email at hello@now-u.com 

Other now-u campaigns live on the app

As well as the prevention of domestic abuse in the UK, which AVA is a part of, these are other campaigns you may be interested in:

  • Refugee welfare and resettlement in Europe – This campaign raises awareness about the lives of refugees and asylum seekers in Europe. We connect you with actions to help improve their welfare and fight for the resettlement of people who are displaced, at risk and without a place to call home.
  • Green recovery in the UK – This campaign raises awareness of the importance of a green recovery and suggests steps that each of us can take today to contribute to a better tomorrow. We will focus on actions to drive structural change, as well as suggesting ways we can all reduce our own environmental footprint.
  • Global access to water, hygiene and sanitation – This campaign promotes awareness about the importance of WASH systems in low- and middle-income countries, not only for the current crisis, but for the long-term welfare of millions of people living in poverty. We give you easy actions to advocate for WASH for all, and to support amazing WASH charities who are transforming the lives of millions.
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