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Mapping the maze – women and multiple disadvantage

As part of Mapping the Maze, AVA’s new collaboration with Agenda to map services for women and girls affected by multiple disadvantage, we are beginning to gather information about existing provision and what works well for this group of women.  

To do this, we need your assistance:

  1. Do you have, or know of, any evaluations of services for women over the age of 18 who face one or more of the following issues: homelessness, substance use, contact with the criminal justice system, mental health, involvement in prostitution, violence and abuse? Click here for more information about the type of evaluations we are looking for.  
  2. Would you like to partner with AVA and Agenda to run a small consultation with women who have a lived experience of multiple disadvantage? We are looking for three organisation to hold a consultation meeting with women and write up the findings for the discussion. Full information about this aspect of the project can be found here.  

If you have any questions about either aspect of the project, please contact Jennifer Holly at jennifer.holly@avaproject.org.uk.

Mapping the Maze – call for local consultation partners

Mapping the Maze – call for evidence

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