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Routine Enquiry – Supporting Frontline Workers to Ask about Abuse (CPD Accredited)

Course Description

The model known as ‘routine enquiry’ is increasingly being used by frontline health, social care and advice services. When using this approach individuals are routinely asked about abuse and whether they would like information about sources of help and support.

Research shows that most victims/survivors will not disclose gender based violence & abuse unless directly asked. It also shows that women who have experienced or are experiencing gender based violence and abuse want to be asked, and that those who are not do not mind being asked. The biggest block to asking about gender violence and abuse is that many professionals fear a disclosure of abuse. Those who feel ill-equipped to say or do the right thing would therefore rather avoid the subject. This training is designed to address these concerns.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how attitudes and beliefs towards gender based violence and abuse can impact on practice.
  • Understand the nature, prevalence and impact of gender based violence and abuse.
  • Understand how and where survivors of abuse are likely to seek help.
  • Be able to encourage and respond appropriately to disclosures of gender based violence and abuse.
  • Develop confidence in asking a routine question about gender based violence and abuse.
  • Know how to identify risk, sign-post and provide information about support options in relation to asking a routine question about gender based violence and abuse.
  • Consider how routine enquiry can be implemented across services and organisations.

Who should attend?

This course will be beneficial to frontline professionals working in health, social care or advice organisations who are responsible for asking about abuse, or decision-makers who are considering implementing routine enquiry into their organisation.

This course equates to 6 CPD points. You can find out more about Continuing Professional Development here.

If you would like to have this training delivered, please email training@avaproject.org.uk or complete our training enquiry form.

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