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About Healthy London Healthy Relationships

Our mission at Healthy London Healthy Relationships (HLHR) is to join forces with children and young people, schools and youth settings to embed a Whole School Approach against gender-based violence.

By doing so, we can promote healthy relationships not only in classrooms or corridors but also in the communities of this vibrant city.

Who we are

HLHR is a group of dedicated specialist organisations working towards ending Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in London.

All of our partners are by and for VAWG specialists serving specific communities in the city. One of the unique aspects of our partnership is that we are intersectional and culturally informed. This allows us to provide tailored support to women and girls from all backgrounds. We understand that every individual has unique experiences and needs, which is why our approach is rooted in cultural competency and sensitivity.

AVA leads the way and is proud to collaborate with delivery partners such as:

If you have any questions about our programme or are interested in finding out how your school can get involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us at HLHR@avaproject.org.uk

What we do

We offer free range of activities as part of our comprehensive prevention programme aimed at both children and young people, as well as professionals.

Since our launch in 2022, we have reached:


people through our delivery, outreach and online activity


schools, organisations and community groups


London Boroughs

Our partners deliver school assemblies, group work, and staff training in a format that suits you, whether that’s online or in the classroom.

Topics for children and young people include: 
  • FGM and VAWG awareness
  • Healthy friendships
  • Healthy relationships and consent
  • Sexual violence and university preparation
  • So-called ‘Honour’ based violence
  • Harmful practices
Topics for professionals include: 
  • Sexual violence prevention and consent education
  • Group dynamics and boundaries
  • Webinar series on delivering a whole school approach to prevent gender-based violence

These topics while uncomfortable do need to be talked about so people can identify signs of abuse and harrassment and know about what to do to help.

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Find out more about what we’ve achieved and how we’ve impacted our beneficiaries.

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Interested in booking us for training or an event? Get in touch at HLHR@avaproject.org.uk and we can tailor-make a programme to meet the needs of your school community.

Our approach

We partner with schools, youth settings, and colleagues to promote the key ingredients of healthy relationships by using a Whole School Approach to prevent gender-based violence.

But what exactly does that mean?

Our approach is based on extensive research and best practices, equipping schools with the necessary tools to empower their students to understand the key ingredients of healthy relationships.

Each piece of our model relates to an activity that helps schools empower students to learn about the key building blocks of healthy relationships. Our WSA model is made of six core components, which serve as the foundation of our toolkit:


Understanding and learning about gender-based violence and its impact.


Cultivating a sustainable cultural change throughout the school.


Taking a holistic and needs-led approach to keep children safe.


Actively involving young people in the process.


Raising awareness of gender-based violence and its causes.


Collaborating with external partners to include the wider community.

Prevention is at the heart of a WSA and a form of early intervention that aligns with a public health approach to ending gender-based violence. It is essential to acknowledge that many of the young people you support may have already been directly or indirectly affected by GBV. Our approach aims to equip children and young people to develop and maintain respectful, equal relationships, make positive choices for themselves, identify the early warning signs of abuse, and know where to go for support.

Join us in our mission to create a safer and healthier London

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