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Peer Support

Between January-June 2021, AVA trained and supported a group of women with lived experience to become peer facilitators and set up their own peer support groups. These peer support groups were designed for women with experiences of domestic and/or sexual abuse and homelessness and/or insecure housing. The groups were run via zoom, with two groups in English and one group in Turkish.

Peer Support Principles

This poster and leaflet present 6 key principles of trauma-informed peer support. These principles were co-designed with the peer facilitators after their experience of running the groups, and provide a framework for future peer support projects. The leaflet also provides a brief explanation of what these principles might look like in practice.

My Voice Matters: Finding Our Voices Through Peer Support

At the end of this project the women running and attending were invited to take part in a creative project of their choosing. The women decided to each respond to the statement ‘my voice matters’ in a creative medium of their choosing.

This booklet brings together their responses to this statement, alongside short articles from the peer facilitators regarding their experiences of running peer support and their experience as women.

Peer Support Webinar

This webinar provides insight into the what/how/why of peer support.  You will hear how we set up these peer support groups, the value of these groups for the women involved and top tips for setting up groups of your own.

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