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Beginner level: how to use a Response-Based Approach with survivors

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Date(s) - 21 Jun 2016
10:00 am - 4:30 pm

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Location King’s College London Room 2.03 Bush House (Use North East Entrance on 30 Aldwych Holborn London WC2B 4BG United Kingdom


Course description

‘Whenever someone is treated badly, they resist’ – Dr Allan Wade, 1997

Survivors of abuse are often described as passive in the face of the violence and abuse they withstand, and they are often blamed for their passivity and for the violence they endure. Violence is also often misrepresented and hidden, survivors are attributed many pathologies. Response-based therapy, a ground breaking psychotherapeutic approach, challenges these practices and identifies the many everyday ways victims resist. It recognizes their ability to respond actively to acts of aggression and to resist the abuser whenever possible and as much possible in order to protect themselves, their dignity and self-respect.

Participants will gain a good overview of the Response-based approach. Participants will learn skills to appropriately challenge self-blame attitudes, and skills which encourages survivors to recognize their own resistance to violence as this supports a positive self-view enhances their resilience.

This course is for those new to the Response-based approach. The beginner level course focuses on building skills to understand the many forms resistance takes, honour this resistance in conversations with survivors and challenge self- blame and social blame.

Martine Renoux, Dip. Psych. MA. UKCP Reg; has been a practicing therapist and a trainer for over 30 years and has worked privately, in the NHS and the public sector. She began to use the Response Based approach in 1998 working closely with Allan Wade. She has facilitated domestic violence groups and worked with perpetrators of abuse.


Learning objectives

  • To gain understanding of the many ways survivors resist violence and abuse
  • To develop communication skills which help the survivor to identify violence and clarify who is responsible for it
  • To develop skills to challenge self-blame and social blame using a response based framework

Who should attend?

Professionals that come into contact with survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence and sexual exploitation. This course is for those new to the Response-based approach.


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