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AVA’s training programme has been developed by experts to meet the needs of practitioners working with people affected by Violence Against Women and Girls.

Our training includes a range of one day courses, longer OCN accredited courses, seminars and conferences. More details about each event, including the costs and procedures for booking, can be found by clicking on the titles below.

If you are interested in a particular theme or area of training, please see our filter categories. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

For additional information and booking conditions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Managing the secondary effects of working with Violence Against Women and Girls (CPD accredited)

AVA, London

Designed to help professionals understand and identify the dynamics and psychological issues arising from work with victims of violence. Support is given to address the issues with the client and to promote strategies for self-care, highlighting the appropriate use of supervision and debriefing. It provides an opportunity to recognise and celebrate achievements and reflect on challenges met at a personal and professional level.

27 Feb 2018

FREE seminar: Responding to the Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill

AVA, London

The Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill is an opportunity to improve the identification and responses to domestic violence. The Government's consultation on the Bill will open soon. This seminar is part of our Ascent work, which is funded by London Councils. It is free and open to people from organisations providing services to those affected by domestic and sexual violence in London.

7 Mar 2018

Becoming trauma informed: a training course for service managers (CPD accredited)

AVA, London

The need for services to be trauma-informed is increasingly well understood, but what does it actually mean in practice? This one-day course on becoming trauma-informed is aimed at managers who are responsible for the design and delivery of health and social care services. Beyond providing an understanding of how to recognise and sensitively respond to the effects of trauma, the course employs a range of management tools to review current practice and create a plan for introducing a trauma-informed ethos to your service(s).

20 Mar 2018

Children under ten years old and domestic violence (CPD accredited)

AVA, London

This course looks at basic domestic violence theory and specifically how children under ten years old are affected by domestic violence. It focuses on the behavioural, emotional and cognitive effects on children under ten years old, as well as the links between domestic violence and child abuse and the impact on parenting for both the abusive and the non-abusive parent.

10 May 2018