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AVA’s training programme has been developed by experts to meet the needs of practitioners working with people affected by Violence Against Women and Girls.

Our training includes a range of one day courses, longer OCN accredited courses, seminars and conferences. More details about each event, including the costs and procedures for booking, can be found by clicking on the titles below.

If you are interested in a particular theme or area of training, please see our filter categories. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

For additional information and booking conditions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Children under ten years old and domestic violence (CPD accredited)

The Foundry, London

This course looks at basic domestic violence theory and specifically how children under ten years old are affected by domestic violence. It focuses on the behavioural, emotional and cognitive effects on children under ten years old, as well as the links between domestic violence and child abuse and the impact on parenting for both the abusive and the non-abusive parent.

26 Feb 2019

Parenting Post-Abuse

The Pavilion, Cheltenham

Post domestic abuse parents often find themselves struggling with not only the trauma of having lived with the abuse but their children’s complex behaviours and needs. This course will explore the impacts of abuse on parenting, children and the parent-child relationship. Using the latest neuroscience research as well as relevant counselling, parenting and trauma informed research, delegates will explore ways of working with families post abuse.

28 Feb 2019

FREE SEMINAR: Technology and Violence Against Women – Helping or Harming?

The Foundry, London

AVA is holding a seminar on international women day, 8th March at 1-5pm: Technology and Violence Against Women - Helping or Harming? Technology in the modern world is unavoidable and constantly changing. Women’s interaction with it is a complicated area that intersects with various forms of multiple-disadvantage and VAWG issues.  This can both be positive and negative.

8 Mar 2019