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Easing of Coronavirus Restrictions: Joint Statement from VAWG Sector Organisations.

In response to the Government introducing a gradual relaxation of coronavirus restrictions, 26 VAWG sector organisations have released a statement to broadly set out our situation and concerns in this changing context – which includes various approaches to easing restrictions across the four nations.

The statement highlights that women and girls need to be able to access the vital services we provide – including crisis support, outreach, refuge, long-term move on, therapeutic counselling, advocacy, legal advice and much more – in the most accessible way possible. Therefore we foresee an indefinite period of “mixed provision” of support, with part of our workforce at home, others working at our premises, and the continuing provision of more phone and online support than existed pre-Covid.

The statement which calls on the government and policymakers to understand the context for VAWG support services and to do the following, should be read alongside detailed recommendations previously provided to the government to inform their Hidden Harms agenda –  VAWG sector’s response to the Government’s Hidden Harms Action Plan.

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