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Supporting Each Other

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What helps you?

This section of the hub is a space for sharing learning and support amongst peers. 

You know what works best for you. Every staff member will have different techniques and routines to support their wellbeing.

Sharing this learning reflectively with other staff team members often falls by the wayside when we work in pressured/demanding jobs. This page is a space for everyone to share tips/tricks/advice, however big or small.

Some ground rules: 

  • Please do not share personal or identifiable information about yourself, your clients or your organisation 
  • Please do not share anything potentially triggering, upsetting or offensive to others
  • We welcome submissions from all staff members, both frontline and management level
  • You can chose to submit with your name and/or email address – or they can be anonymous
  • Please let us know if you are happy for us to share them on social media.

Please feel free to create a post (using the form at the bottom of the page), this will be sent through to the AVA team and posted upon moderation. 

You can also share your input with us through tweeting using the hashtag #AVAresourcehub


Top tips/advice from across the sector


To look after myself, I try and be brave and ask others to help. Sometimes it can feel scary and shameful to let others know you are struggling, but each and every time I’ve done it, I haven’t regretted it. Be proud of your self awareness and allow those who know you to show that they care for you. 

When I’ve had a tough day at work I take a long bath and get stuck into a good book, or take myself for a walk somewhere open and green.

More than ever, separating out work from home is really important. Putting in boundaries however you can is vital. It might be having a ritual – putting your laptop in a bag and into a cupboard at the end of your working day – or taking a few moments to notice your breathing and saying goodbye to the day. Find what works for you and commit to practising that every day. 

When things are tough for me I know sometimes the only answer is to stop what I am doing and go for a walk. It always helps clear my head. When it is overwhelming asking for help and letting people know is really important. I am also grateful for amazing and supportive colleagues who check in and provide support, guidance and laughter. 

When I’ve had a long day at work I cook myself an elaborate meal and take a long hot bath. Sometimes its the simple things that make all the difference.


Resource Hub submission

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