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Supporting Survivors During Covid-19

Covid-19 Resource Hub sections

 This page of resources is for people who come into contact with domestic abuse survivors and support them during Covid-19. 

We have split these resources thematically so that it is easy to navigate.

For further signposts around Covid-19 and domestic abuse, see:

General domestic abuse resources (written resources/guides)

  • UK Gov’t: Coronavirus (COVID-19): support for victims of domestic abuse.
  • SCIE: Domestic violence and abuse: Safeguarding during the COVID-19 crisis.
  • UK Aid: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Violence against Women and Girls.
  • Women’s Aid: Safety and Wellbeing Advice for Survivors.
  • Women’s Aid: Resource for friends, family, neighbours and community members.
  • SafeLives: Key issues for domestic abuse victims in the Coronavirus pandemic.
  • The Prince’s Responsible Business Network: COVID-19: Domestic Abuse Toolkit for Employers.
  • John Hopkins Medicine:  (webinars) The Emotional Toll of COVID: PTSD, Domestic Violence, and Suicide.
  • Solace: (webinars) Supporting survivors during COVID-19

Economic abuse 

Children and young people

Housing and accommodation 

  • Public Health England: Guidance on isolation for domestic abuse safe-accommodation settings.
  • Single Homelessness Project: A guide to domestic abuse and sexual violence during COVID-19 outbreak
  • UK Gov’t: COVID-19: guidance on isolation for domestic abuse safe-accommodation settings.
  • Homeless Link:  (webinar) Ensuring digital inclusion for those experiencing homelessness during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond
  • Homeless Link: (webinar) Modern Slavery, Homelessness, and COVID-19
  • Homeless Link: (webinar) Ensuring the safety of women experiencing homelessness during the COVID19 crisis

Mental health 

  • Pathfinder: COVID-19: Guidance on how to respond to domestic abuse during lockdown for healthcare professionals.

Multiple disadvantage 

  • MEAM: multiple recordings and blogs on multiple disadvantage and COVID-19. 
  • SAMSHA: Intimate Partner Violence and Child Abuse Considerations During COVID-19
  • NCDVTMH: Supporting Survivors’ Access to Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health Services During the COVID-19 Emergency
  • Homeless Link: (webinar) Homelessness and Multiple Disadvantage during the COVID-19 crisis

Substance misuse 

  • Alcohol Change: Alcohol and domestic abuse in the context of Covid-19 restrictions.
  • SSA: COVID-19, alcohol and domestic abuse: Sarah Fox talks to the SSA
  • (for survivors) Yale Programme: Guidance for People Who Use Substances on COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)

Women living with disability 

Black and minoritised women 

  • Imkaan: The Impact of the Two Pandemics: VAWG and COVID-19 on Black and Minoritised Women and Girls. 
  • IOM: The additional risks of COVID-19 for migrant women, and how to address them

LGBTQ women 

  • Homeless Link: (webinar) Supporting LGBTQ+ young people during lockdown and beyond

Tech and digital support 

  • AVA: Digital Safeguarding Resource Pack. 
  • Refinery: In The Age Of Zoom Calls, Online Abuse Survivors Are Forced To Relive Trauma
  • UN Women: online and ICT* facilitated violence against women and girls during COVID-19

Training and additional support

At AVA we provide training for professionals. This has now switched online and we also offer e-learning. Training can provide a space both to upskill, and learn from your peers about best practice. Look at our training webpage for upcoming training opportunities – including open access free training. 


If you are working with survivors with specific needs that you/your organization does not specialise in, or you are not working in the specialist domestic abuse sector, then be sure to signpost your service users on to more appropriate support.

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