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Capturing The Survivor Voice

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Do you work as an IDVA- We want to here from you! 

We also want to hear from IDVAs about their experiences of working with survivors, alongside other agencies working to address the behaviour of perpetrators.

This online survey forms part of a consultation with survivors and with IDVAs.  AVA will collate the views of survivors and IDVAs from the consultation and incorporate these into a report so that agencies can:

  • Learn from survivors and IDVAs about their experience of interventions specifically targeting perpetrator behaviour that can be used to refine and strengthen future models of service provision
  • Ensure that services meet the needs of survivors and their children.

We want to hear about experiences in instances such as when:

  • police involvement including investigation and the use of other powers including DVPNs, Claire’s Law, etc has been used
  • the perpetrator has been referred to a specialist perpetrator programme.
  • child protection and/or social services have assessed the perpetrator and taken appropriate action.
  • any other experiences of a time when the focus has been on the perpetrator and their behavior
  • a bystander has witnessed an incident of domestic abuse and has stepped in.

We want to learn more about how this impacted upon the survivor and their children at the time. What support did s/he receive and how did this help them move towards a life free from violence and abuse?

Survey Here

This survey is open until 12th September 2018

This work will help inform all agencies to hear directly from survivors about their experiences and importantly to ensure that their services meet the needs of survivors seeking support.