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Breathing Space – Crowdfunding Campaign

Today we are launching our AVIVA Crowdfunding Campaign. We are aiming to raise funds to create a trauma informed digital tool that provides practical support that recognises past abuse but gives women hope for the future. 

It differs from existing online support as it will be trauma informed and recognises the abuse they have experienced. This is truly innovative as it is co-designed by women with lived experience, ensuring it addresses the issues they face.

We are aiming to raise £5000 to further develop this tool from a prototype and we would be delighted if you would consider pledging your support and sharing the campaign. 


Vision for the Tool

We have big ambitions for this tool and want it to be:                     

  • a trusted place to find the right support at the right time
  • somewhere women can share their experience to empower other women
  • a 24 hour resource to help address mental health issues  

We have created an early prototype of a digital tool in a truly innovative way by co-designing with survivors. 
The current tool provides:

  • simple processes that help navigate them to the right support 
  • simple signposting, which provides a trauma informed context 
  • techniques to help with immediate trauma symptoms

What is the problem?

Survivors often find it hard to rebuild their lives after experiencing abuse and find it difficult to find long-term mental health support that truly addresses the abuse they have suffered.

How we plan to use the money

We aim to raise enough money to move from prototype stage into a live tool. Your donations will be spent like this:

– £1000 for workshops with survivors 
– £5000-£7000 for the developer to create the backend of the tool
– £1000-£2000 to create audio and video testimonies 
– £500-£1000 to promote the tool.

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