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AVA Staying Mum Project – Volunteers Needed

AVA has launched a new national project – ‘Staying Mum’ – in order to develop responses to women who have faced domestic and/or sexual violence and have faced the loss of their child(ren) being temporarily or permanently removed.  

As part of this we are looking to recruit up to 15 women who: 

  • Have experienced domestic and/ or sexual violence 
  • AND have experienced the loss of having their child(ren) being temporarily or permanently removed. 
  • We are also interested in recruiting women who have: experienced mental ill health,  used substances in a way that has impacted on their well-being (substances may include alcohol, illegal drugs, prescribed and over-the counter medications), had contact with the criminal justice system; experienced homelessness; have been involved in sex work or faced sexual exploitation. 

Is this project for me or the women I work with?

We do not expect researchers to have done anything like this before. We are looking for women with experience who understand the lives and experiences of women they are researching and feel able to share their own stories.

What will researchers be doing? 

  • You will receive training in research methods 
  • Help develop interview questions 
  • Interview women who have faced similar things to you 
  • Help to write a report about about women’s experiences 
  • Help inform a toolkit and elearning programme aimed at improving professional’s responses
  • Help write a guide for women who have faced similar experiences to you 

We want to ensure that women’s voices are at the centre of helping to improve responses to women who have experienced the loss of child removal. 

How to apply? 

The application form can be downloaded below.

Staying Mum Application Form


If you have any questions about the peer research or the project  or need support completing the form please email Lucy Allwright – lucy.allwright@avaproject.org.uk

The deadline for applications is Friday August 21st 2020

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