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AVA Haringey Women’s Voices Project – Recruitment

We are recruiting women who would like to help run women’s peer support groups Haringey. 

We are looking for women who:

  • Have experience of domestic and/or sexual violence 
  • AND, have experienced or been at risk of homelessness; this may include but is not limited to: being at risk of homelessness due to living with an abuser, living  in temporary accommodation, rough sleeping, sofa surfing, living in a refuge, living in a hostel.  This may be now or in the past. 
  • Are able to travel to Haringey (Covid restrictions dependant) to help run groups. Travel and expenses will be covered.  

What is the project? 

AVA are recruiting up to 15 women aged 18 and over  to help set up and facilitate peer support groups for women who have faced domestic and/or sexual violence and been at risk of or experience homelessness. The groups are part of a wider project in Haringey aimed at improving responses  to women with these experiences. 

Main Functions:

  • To help set up and run peer support groups in women’s homelessness settings (this may be done by phone or online if face-to-face groups can not be run due to Covid-19 restrictions)
  • To help develop peer support principles and values that will guide groups 
  • To help shape and decide group content
  • To help create safe spaces for women who have shared experience
  • To be part of giving women in Haringey who have faced homelessness and domestic and/or sexual violence a voice in the borough 


We are working in partnership with Solace women’s Aid, IMECE women’s centre and Haringey Council to ensure women are properly supported in their role. 

Is this project for you or the women you support? 

You do not need to have done anything like this before. We are looking for women with experience who understand the lives and experiences of women in the groups they run and feel able to share their own experiences. You will be given  full training and support. You will also have access to a clinical supervisor. 


You will receive the London Living Wage (£10.75 per hour) for each group that you run to cover your time. This can be in the form of vouchers or payment

How to apply? 

Full details of the role and an application form can be found here.

Haringey Women’s Voices

Application form for Haringey Women’s Voices Project


If you have any questions about the role or the project,  or need support completing the form please email Lucy Allwright – lucy.allwright@avaproject.org.uk

The closing date for applications is Monday September 7th 2020

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