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Announcement: New Project – Better Endings 

AVA have received funding for a new project – The Better Endings project will work with specialist services who are part of the In Safe Hands Community to identify what makes a good, trauma informed ending in services for women who have experienced gender based violence and multiple disadvantage.

During the In Safe Hands project we found that services have historically focused heavily on trust building at the beginning and on engagement with services. Less focus has been on how and what women need in order to safely and sustainably transition out of specialist services, either to another service or out of services altogether. In our network of Experts by Experience, women have talked about cold, harsh endings that feel like “dropping off a cliff”, while services talk about commissioner/funder oriented contract lengths and endings. 

To become part of the In Safe Hands Community and express your interest in this work please email Ruth for more information – ruth.mason@avaproject.org.uk

AVA is launching a co-produced trauma informed kitemark for the specialist women’s sector. Read about how our In Safe Hands project is working alongside specialist stakeholders with lived and learned experience to truly reflect the skills and values that define woman centred, trauma informed practice.

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