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Andrew Tate is charged – The Urgent Need for a Whole School Approach

Today’s indictment of Andrew Tate epitomises why #itsabouttime (EVAW) the government prioritises and adequately funds prevention work in our schools. We know that #toxicmasculinity is not a new phenomenon, but misogynistic/misogynoir influencers breed like bacteria in this digital age. Research from the NASUWT The Teachers’ Union highlights how female teachers are subjugated to alarming rates of sexual harassment in our schools, with the highest level of perpetration coming from pupils.

A Whole School Approach has been proven to dismantle attitudes and beliefs that contribute to gender-based violence. Specialist support is a key part of this model which is why partnership working is so crucial. Boys and young men are also impacted by the patriarchy and must be included in these conversations. Solidarity salute to Beyond Equality for creating safe spaces for young men to have conversations around rethinking masculinities. Healthy London Healthy Relationships were delighted to host a webinar in partnership with Beyond Equality on this important topic, feel free to check out the video below for anyone who missed it.

Incoming webinar alert!

Our amazing HLHR partner Jewish Women’s Aid will be hosting a webinar for parents on Andrew Tate, sharing some practical tips ahead of the summer holidays. Keep an eye on this blog for more information in the coming weeks or follow us and Jewish Women’s Aid on Twitter. @AVAproject @JewishWomensAid

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