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AVA’s History

AVA (Against Violence & Abuse), was established on 12 April 2010 to work towards ending violence and abuse against women and girls.

We were set up as an independent, national charity in order to take forward the work of the Greater London Domestic Violence Project (GLDVP). We widened the scope of the GLDVP’s work both geographically (from being focussed on London to working across the UK) and thematically (from a focus on domestic violence to a wider focus on all forms of Violence Against Women and Girls).

The GLDVP was established in 1997 and had been hosted by a parent charity called the London Action Trust. Our foundations were the solid achievements and reputation of GLDVP whose work within Greater London led to their recognition as leaders in the field of domestic violence work. The GLDVP had many achievements, developing and implementing the first ever London Domestic Violence Strategies (2001-04 and 2005-08), during which time there was a 57% drop in domestic homicide rates.

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